Animal Damage Control

Wildlife Damage Repair Services

When wildlife gets too comfortable with human environments, extensive damage is often the end result. Whether it is insulation damage in the attic from raccoons or squirrels, chimney damage from nesting birds or yard damage from burrowing moles, the result is a need for a wildlife damage control plan. Critter Control of Kansas City is a full service animal control organization. We not only get rid of unwanted wildlife, but also follow up our work by completely repairing wildlife damage.

Wildlife damage requires different approaches for prevention. It is important to first identify the type of animal causing the damage. Our trained professionals can quickly determine the species responsible and develop a damage control plan tailored to prevent continued wildlife damage.

Wildlife Damage Control Process:

  • Identification - We thoroughly inspect the animal damage to determine the type of animal (or animals) causing the problem. Our team identifies all potential points entry to your home and property. We locate problem areas around your home that may be contributing to animal infestation, such as dense vegetation, overhanging branches or accessible pet food.
  • Wildlife Management - Critter Control follows an integrated pest management (IPM) approach to wildlife management. Through client education, habitat modification, animal removal and animal exclusion, our wildlife damage control team works to eliminate animal conflict.
  • Damage Repair - Our team has the knowledge and tools to repair animal damage and return your home to like-new condition. 
  • Guarantee - Critter Control guarantees our work and our repairs are guaranteed to keep animals out.