Animal Control

Wild Animal Control

Critter Control of Kansas City is your company for full service wildlife control services. We will work hard at each phase of control to ensure efficient and humane wildlife control results. Each wildlife animal will require specific methods of control. Your technician will be trained and knowledgeable about the habits and intelligence level of any wild animal you may face a problem with. Your technician will work with you start to finish on the following steps of wildlife control:

Trapping and RemovalNo Domestic Animal Calls Please

Your technician will identify the wildlife animal that is causing your home problems and immediately begin to develop a removal method. No matter what your wildlife problem may be, Critter Control of Kansas City can get it out quickly!

Wildlife Damage Repairs

Once the wildlife animals are out of your home, the damages still remain. Critter Control of Kansas City understands the intimidation when dealing with damages from wild animals. Your technician will repair and resolve the damages done. Some repairs may second as prevention methods as well.


Prevention techniques may be the most important step in wild animal control. Once the animals are out and the damages are repaired, your technician will place preventative measures to keep the wildlife out for good! A few prevention methods include:

  • Vent Screening
  • Chimney Caps
  • Foundation Vents

Critter Control of Kansas City Wildlife Control

No matter what wildlife animal you are facing a problem with, Critter Control of Kansas City can solve it. Your technician will inspect your home top to bottom, inside and out, and find all points of entry and start to get rid of your wildlife control headache.

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