Municipal Animal Control

Critter Control of Kansas City offers on-call wildlife control services for the communities that do not need or can’t afford a full-time animal control officer. Our professional services are offered where it might not usually be available.

Municipal Wildlife Control

Municipalities are often in need of squirrel trapping or removal, geese removal, pigeon control, and raccoon control. It is important that our services be available for all of those in need of animal removal and wildlife management. Critter Control of Kansas City provides municipal customers with:

  • Wild Animal Control
  • Road Kill Removal
  • Rodent Control
  • Nuisance Wildlife Removal
  • Other Emergency Services

If you need assistance with code violations causing rodent problems or other municipal wildlife control services, call Critter Control of Kansas City.

Kansas: 913.962.9200

Missouri: 816.363.8727