06.17.15 - Chronic Wasting Disease Spreading Amongst Deer in Missouri
Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), is a fatal and contagious disease that usually spreads slowly among a deer herd, has been discovered in more whitetails recently in Missouri. As the situation isn’t at a crisis stage right now, it is
03.20.15 - There Are More And More Coyotes In Kansas City, But Don't Panic
It’s that time of year when we’ll start to see more and more mammals scurrying about around the city. Mammals like foxes, squirrels and, yes, maybe even some coyotes. In the past 15 years, coyote populations in Midwestern urban and
03.20.15 - H5N2 flu strain found in Kansas chicken, duck flock
By The Associated Press The Department of Agriculture has identified the first infection of a virulent strain of avian flu in poultry in Kansas, confirming the virus has spread into a migratory bird route that runs through the center of the
12.08.14 - Short-eared owls don’t give a hoot, becoming endangered
Short-eared owls don’t have short ears, but they have several characteristics that aren’t usually associated with owls. One noticeable difference is that short-eared owls don’t hoot. Most of their calls are bark-like or
12.05.14 - Deer hunting better this year thanks to weather, wildlife biologists say
So how could the Missouri deer season be so bad last year and so good this November? It must have been a dramatic jump in the deer population, right? Not so, said wildlife biologists. More likely, they say, it’s the
09.16.14 - Experts - Spiders get Bigger in Cities
Bad news for Kansas City residents with Spiders! City living can really have its perks – if you’re a spider. Golden orb-weaving spiders that lived in urban areas were bigger and more successful than their country-dwelling